Record a voice? Opt for a professional voice recording

Record a voice? Opt for a professional voice recording

Are you looking for a professional voice recording for your commercial, business presentation, e-learning video, documentary, voice-response system, parking post or the like? Then let Paul van Efferen record this voice. Paul van Efferen is known as an experienced, professional, versatile voice actor with a clear, enthusiastic, professional, reliable, warm and involved voice. The perfect voice for your voice recording.

The benefits of Paul van Efferen

When you choose to let Paul van Efferen provide the voice, you choose the following benefits:

  • Fast delivery, within 24 hours
  • A professional, well-equipped studio
  • Low voice-over rates
  • A professional, all-round voice actor with years of experience
  • A pleasant voice that can be directed well
  • The possibilities are endless

How to recognize a good voice actor? That he talks as if he makes up the text on the spot, while there is really a script in front of him.

Record a voice? Contact us!

We understand that you do not want to book a voice recording without having heard something. Curious about the extensive possibilities of Paul van Efferen or the voice-over rates? Listen to the various voice demos in the categories narrative, soft-sell, hard-sell, acting and cartoon & singing. You can of course also contact me without obligation, or you can book me directly as a voice over.