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Paul van Efferen voice-over demo

On this page I would like to let you know that you can go in any direction with my voice recording. You will find various voice demos here. These voice-over demos are divided into different categories:

  • soft sell: you want to sell your product or service, but not in an intrusive way. Soft sell is then the tone of voice you are looking for.
  • hard sell: do you have a good promotion or offer and do you want to rock out with your radio commercial? Hard sell is a selling tone-of-voice, up-tempo and full of energy.
  • narrative: this voice demo has a narrative tone-of-voice, very suitable for documentaries, (internal) presentations, e-learning videos and voice-response systems.
  • acting: I like to take on the role of a character to give the voice-over more power.
  • cartoon and singing: something crazy and unique? With this voice demo I show you how versatile my voice is.

Of course, these are just a few of the things I’ve done as a well-known voice actor over the years. .

Soft sell – commercials


Hard sell – commercials






Cartoon and singing



Curious about a different tone of voice? I would be happy to arrange a custom demo for you! Or do you have a question or would you like to book me as a voice overPlease contact us. .