Voice-over rates

Voice-over rates

Are you looking for a voice actor with fixed low voice-over rates? Then Paul van Efferen is the right man for you. Below you will find my different voice over rates.

Voice-over rates for advertising

The rates for recording a voice for radio and television commercials depend on the size of the broadcasting area.

  • Voice-over rate for radio commercials
    • Regional € 150,00
    • National € 500,00
  • Voice-over rate for TV-commercials
    • Regional € 200,00
    • National € 600,00

Tag-ons and additional work in consultation. Rates are exclusive of VAT and include buy-out for a maximum of 1 year in unchanged use.

Voice-over rates narrative

Voice-over rates for commentary include recording corporate films, documentaries, voice response, etc. I speak for an easy-to-calculate, low rate. The starting rate is € 175.00 excluding VAT. This includes the first 60 words. Extra words at € 0.50 each. On average I read 120 words per minute.

Every use is different. These rates are intended as an indication.
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