Way of working

My way of working

As a Dutch voice actor, narrative voice or voice-over I have a fully equipped studio and can therefore quickly provide you with high-quality audio files. But, what is my way of working as a commentary voice?

For me, recording a voice-over is more than reading a piece of text. For that reason, I would like to contact you in advance to go through the text before the recording. This way we can discuss the desired tone-of-voice for the assignment, because there are so many possibilities when it comes to voice recording! When the animation, movie or storyboard is already finshed, I would like to receive it, so I can empathize with the text even more. If you would like this, I can deliver the voice-over completely synchronous with the image. All you have to do is drag the audio file into your project and start rendering!

Because I have my own studio, I can, if desired, deliver the audio track to you within 1 working day after receiving the final script. By default, the audio is immediately ready for use, in any desired file format!

Do you have a possibly suitable assignment for me and would you like to book me as a voice-overPlease contact me, or view my voice-over rates. Would you rather see a different approach with regard to the working method? Of course I am also open to that.