The Dutch voice-over talent: Paul van Efferen

Voice-over Paul van Efferen

The Dutch voice-over talent: Paul van Efferen

Paul van Efferen is one of the Dutch, well-known voice actors. An all-round Dutch voice over. This means that I feel at home in the most diverse genres, and as a voice actor I can make my voice sound in many different ways. Think, for example, of warm, professional, enthusiastic, convincing, committed, energetic or reliable. I have now built up years of experience as a Dutch voice actor and have recorded my voice for commercials, company presentations, e-learning videos, documentaries, voice-response systems, fairytale characters, parking poles, etc.

The method

As a voice actor I have a fully equipped studio. The best way to quickly (often within 24 hours) provide you with high-quality audio files. When I receive the script, I always think along with the lyrics. As a well-known voice actor I have over 25 years of experience in recording texts and therefore also the associated structure. If there is room, I would like to come up with points for improvement to take your text to a higher level.

The next step is to record the text. You can choose to be present 1 on 1 or to call in via Skype, for example. Do you not have time for this or do you not need it? No problem, I would be happy to record a number of different versions for you, playing with intonation and energy.

Need a voice actor? Please contact us

Are you looking for an all-round Dutch voice actor who uses fast delivery times, contributes to the script and has a fully equipped studio? Please contact me, or you can book me as a voice-over. Not completely convinced yet, but interested? Then listen to my demos and let yourself be convinced, or view my voice-over rates. I’m happy to talk to you.